Louise is by nature a mild mannered clinical psychologist, but her alter ego – a FIERCE and fearless anti-diet crusader – is taking over! Louise specialises in helping people recover from disordered eating, and she’s COMPLETELY OVER trying to help people when the culture we live in is utterly sick, toxic, and screwed up when it comes to food, exercise, health, and body size.

Louise cannot for a second longer take the rampant injustice of a society obsessed with thinness and health. She can’t STAND how fat people are being treated like second class citizens. She is LIVID about the way weight science is being sold to make a buck off human misery.

And she’s SO OVER the diet bulls**t that she’s shelved her own introversion and started a podcast!

So welcome to All Fired Up!, where Louise delves deeply into diet culture and blows it the hell up! Each week we’ll meet brave and fascinating anti-diet warriors who are also fighting for equality, justice, and freedom. Join us, and get All Fired Up! about building a better world!

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  • #Wake Up Weight Watchers With Rebecca Scritchfield

    The latest ploy from Weight Watchers to capture our kids by offering ‘free’ memberships for teenagers has seen a MASSIVE and absolutely heartening backlash from a whole range of people. This week on All Fired Up! I was blessed to rant with …

  • When #Fitspo Meets Multi Level Marketing: The Juice Plus Double Cross

    This week on All Fired Up! We have DOUBLE the outrage, with 2 amazing guests! It’s an incredible story of how Katie Rowell, cross fitter and eating disorder survivor, became sucked into the dark underworld of gaslighting #Fitspo women who turned out to be much less concerned about her health and much more concerned about her ability to sell, sell, sell their crappy, expensive Juice Plus products! Seduced by the promise of “#no restriction,” Katie soon learned that their “gourmet Cleanse” was actually a one way ticket back into her eating disorder. It’s a harrowing story which needs to be heard. We then hear from Dr Tim Crowe, expert dietitian and sworn enemy of nutritional MLM’s, who takes us through the slimy, devious, underhanded and frankly diabolical business practices of Juice Plus. This is a NOT to be missed episode!

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    Show Notes:

    • Mental health nurse Katie Rowell is all fired up about Fitspo models selling online ‘lifestyle programs’ which are actually a FRONT to sell Juice Plus and lure people into their Multi Level Marketing scheme!
    • Kate was enjoying her active life, doing CrossFit when a fellow cross fitter started posting about some ‘magic beans’ which had apparently changed her life. Intrigued, Katie contacted her to ask what she was doing. And before she knew it, she was sucked into the world of Juice Plus and multi level marketing!
    • The “Juicy Body Transformation” is the brain child of Jess Schembri and Kiera Westwick, Goldcoast based fitness trainers and ‘nutrition coaches’ (no details provided), it’s an online diet program which seriously pretends not to be a diet. But it is possibly the most restrictive eating plan you can get. Particularly the ‘8 week shred’ and the “gourmet Cleanse”. But the restrictive weight loss program was actually just the tip of the iceberg….
    • Katie was influenced to buy the Juice plus pills, and attended sales meetings three times a week. These meetings were all about teaching her how to get people’s ‘stories’ of pain, and then offer Juice Plus as a solution! She was part of a ‘team’ under Jess and Kiera, using the Juicy Body Transformation program as a hook to get people in and to then get them into the MLM.
    • Katie was told not to mention Juice Plus explicitly when she was recruiting people. She was also told that if people were not ‘succeeding’, to blame people’s weaknesses rather than the product.
    • Even though Juice Plus+ claims not to be a weight loss program, they ironically advertise weight differences of the average person losing 7 kilos in 8 weeks and show before and after weight loss photos. Such gaslighting!
    • Katie had to take Juice Plus+ as well in order to sell it. She spent $150 a month, and her husband also spent $150 per month, for a minimum of four months. This was at a time when her family was under immense financial strain.
    • Within three days of the ‘gourmet cleanse’ Katie felt terrible and recognised that her eating disorder was returning with a vengeance – even though she had been in recovery for 10 years. When she told her ‘mentors’, they said that this was a ‘bullshit story she was telling herself’, and pressured her to keep selling. This happened even when Katie’s mother was dying.
    • Listening to anti-diet podcasts helped Katie to pull back and get out!
    • Juice Plus is women exploiting women. They deliberately target women who are vulnerable.
    • Dr. Tim Crowe is a respected dietitian with a background in medical research. He has a PhD in biochemistry – and recently has been in the academic arena and medical/health writing for the general public. He has a serious issue with nutritional MLM’s!
    • MLM or multi-level marketing is all about making money off of those underneath you, and they lead to ruined relationships from pushing it upon others constantly.
    • Juice Plus is a really expensive glorified vitamin supplement that over-claims to cure many illnesses and to replace eating fruits and vegetables. The truth is, it’s pretty good for our bodies to eat fruit and vegies. Who would have thought! The pills give us very little fibre and very few vitamins and minerals when compared to actually eating fruits and vegies. Hugely overpriced, overhyped vitamin supplement.
    • Juice Plus pays for their own “research” studies designed to give them positive outcomes, but really their benefits are no better than cheap Vitamin C tablets. Although they are legal, they are utterly unethical.
    • Dr. Tim Crowe gets approached to endorse MLM programs but he doesn’t do it.


    The crappy youtube video for the Juicy Body Transformation (warning: this is sick-making bullshit, it IS A RESTRICTIVE DIET and not safe!)

    Beware of Jess Schembri, part of the MLM of Juice Plus

    Steer clear of Kira Westwick – can you see anything to do with Juice Plus on her website? Me neither!

    Utterly misleading sciencey sounding Juice Plus website – note the plethora of articles that look like Juice Plus is the answer to all ills! But remember what Dr Crowe says….

    A lovely critical article on Juice Plus (beware because at the end he starts talking weight loss!)

    SUPPORT Katie Rowell’s Instagram fight against Juice Plus and the exploitation of women!

    Read more about Dr Tim Crowe here



  • Jenny Craig is Targeting Men

    This week on All Fired Up! I am venting with anti-diet dietitian Shane Jeffrey, who is ROPABLE about Jenny Craig’s latest ‘ambassador’: Brendan Fevola. It’s a blatant attempt to get men to jump on the weight loss wagon, which as …

  • Dissecting The Superfast Diet

    This week I’m back with the fabulous Fiona Willer from Health Not Diets, and we are SEETHING over the launch of yet another terrible diet! Join us as we dissect the outrageous claims of the “Number 1 Superfast Diet,” which is quite literally promising the world to anyone who’ll listen. Diet culture media has lapped up the bulls**t, without bothering to dig underneath any of the glitter. Fear not as me & Fi have DUG BABY – and you won’t BELIEVE what we unearthed! Don’t miss this fabulous dismemberment of diet world duplicity!

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    ● This week my guest is the amazing research ninja and anti-diet dietitian Fiona Willer from Health Not Diets
    ● A breathless celebrity miracle weight loss story from Channel 9’s Shelley Horton (interestingly timed for the first week of January – coincidence anyone?) alerted us to the existence of this new online weight loss program called The Number 1 Superfast Diet. Which Shelley just happens to be financially invested in. The article ended with encouraging people to contact the Butterfly Foundation (Australia’s national eating disorders helpline), and so of course the lines were clogged with people wanting to know more about this stupid diet. How outrageous is that!
    ● In Michael Mosley’s documentary about fasting, he interviewed Dr. Varady who has done a heap of research on alternate day fasting. Michael eventually found that the alternate day fasting path was too hard, so he developed the 5:2 diet. And of course that diet swept the planet.
    ● Dr. Varady was quite miffed about this, and has now turned up as one of the ‘experts’ on the online Superfast Diet. She wrote a ‘white paper’ (which makes Fiona Willer cringe due to the terrible writing style and poor referencing) for the Superfast diet which is there to make it look science-ey and convincing – but it’s just not.
    ● One of the co-founders of the Superfast Diet is Victoria Black. She is not a health expert, but she does have a lot of experience in marketing and publishing.
    ● The other co-founder is Genevieve Davidosn. She’s another business woman with a long history in consultancy and building up weight loss centres.. Both Victoria and Genevieve worked for Gloria Marshall in the 1980’s, which must have been where they met!
    ● The Superfast Diet program hasn’t even launched yet, but already there are 4 sparkly testimonials on the website. 2 of them are from the founders, one is from the celebrity endorser with a financial interest in the program, and one is also someone who works there.
    ● There are also a ‘bewildering array of experts’ in the program, who are there for no apparent reason. Dr Tim Sharp and his ‘how to be happy’ program is there – why? So you can learn to starve AND be happy about it!? This is a real trend right now, add a whole pile of credibility boosting health professionals to mask the bulls**t.
    ● We discuss the nitty gritty of the Superfast diet’s weight loss and health improvement claims, and find them very badly below par. There isn’t even any research on it that goes for longer than 12 months. Ho-hum, yet another diet – no different to ALL of the others out there. YAWN.
    ● Weight loss, not quality of health or nutrition is focussed on in the SuperFastDiet – it is
    just calorie reduction. They literally don’t care about the quality of your diet.
    ● The SuperFastDiet also ‘goodness wash’ the program by promising to donate a % of their money to a charity (which is there, ironically, to feed starving people). This is a slick marketing technique which is known to boost sales. Just donate to the charity – bypass the program!
    ● The scientific data on fasting shows that on average people lose about 6kg (and we know this is very likely to be regained). Normal weight fluctuation for women in a month is about three kilos. The testimonials on the website do not match the science.
    ● Bull Shit Detector Hints: Look out for: 1. Celebrity miracle weight loss stories, 2. Complicated science and science with amazing claims (real science is never excited), 3. A bewildering array of experts there to bedazzle you with wellness, 4. Donating to charity so you forget how crappy the product is, 5. Claiming to NOT be a diet (when it just clearly is), 6. Glitzy, sexy marketing.

    Resources Mentioned:

    The original Nine news article

    The article when Dr Farady had the shits

    Find out more about Fiona Willer & her amazing work here:

    Health Not Diets website

  • Size Matters with The Fat Therapist

    This week I get totally ranty with Ashlee Bennett, AKA The Fat Therapist. Why aren’t we talking about body size, weight bias, and how all of this impacts us in therapy? This is such an important topic and yet we seem to have no words. In this unmissable episode, we talk all about how body size really is A THING. We get into why it’s important to check your privilege if you’re a thin therapist, how therapists and health professionals working with people in larger bodies seriously need to unpack their own weight bias before working to help others. We also talk about how clients in larger bodies can approach this topic in an empowering and therapeutic way. Let’s use therapy to bust diet culture wide open – not to support it!

    View show notes

    Show Notes

    ● Louise sums up the subject of body size and therapy.
    ● Interview guest Ashlee Bennett, aka “The Fat Therapist” is introduced and
    discusses body size assumptions.
    ● The “Good Fatty” and “Bad Fatty” concepts reflect the problematic idea that
    “good fatties” are compliant about weight loss while “bad fatties” resist diets and weight loss pursuit.
    ● The fundamental assumptions of fat bodies tend to be: lazy, unintelligent,
    stupid, unmotivated, out of control, and a disease waiting to happen.
    ● Weight bias is unfortunately still a minimized prejudice, with a perception
    that having a bigger body is a choice and not a fact of life for people.
    ● We are all a product of our conditioning, until we have a proper
    ● The shift from being a “good fatty” to recognizing you can embrace your
    ● There is research to show that belonging to a devalued group in society
    increases mortality risks. It isn’t just the weight itself.
    ● The impact of rejecting weight stigma can improve confidence and help
    improve health.
    ● Internalised weight stigma needs to be recognized by a client’s therapist, and
    there needs to be a safe space to discuss it. There are not many therapists skilled in unpacking weight stigma.
    ● The world needs to be brought up to speed on weight bias.
    ● As a therapist, being in a fat body allows Ashlee to relate to client’s lived experience,
    providing a privileged insight.
    ● Ashlee asks all thin therapists and health professionals working with people in larger bodies – Why do I feel entitled to help fat people? How do I think ’m helping, and am I just keeping the harm going?
    ● Advice for clients going to therapy who have bigger bodies, is to ‘get brave’, and start talking about their body size, and how this is impacting them. Don’t be afraid to sack your therapist if they give you a resonse which demonsrates that they haven’t done their own work on weight bias. Don’t take it on yourself!
    ● A Health At Every Size therapist is the safest choice for someone looking for help to unpack internalised weight bias. “Weight management psychologists” for example might not understand it!
    Louise runs training programs alongside Fiona Willer for health professionals wanting to unpack issues of weight stigma.

    Training for health professionals on weight bias with Louise & Fiona: