Bronwyn Mitchell


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Bronwyn's anti-diet journey began in 2019, when she first stumbled across the Food Psych podcast and then proceeded to binge-listen her way through hundreds of hours of conversations with amazing size-inclusive, weight-neutral, fat-positive legends for the better part of four years. She has been a member of UNTRAPPED since just before COVID turned the world topsy turvy, and she considers joining this wonderful and supportive community one of the best life decisions she's ever made. Bronwyn has more than 30 years' experience living in a larger body, and after years of struggling with her relationship with food and her body, she is passionate about advocating for a world where all bodies are valued and treated with kindness, dignity and respect. She has recently stepped into a volunteer role chairing the advocacy working group for Size Inclusive Health Australia. When she's not busy raging at all things diet culture, she works as an editor in a museum.


Profession / Lived Experience:
Lived experience as a larger bodied person