Binge Eating With Amy Pershing

Binge Eating With Amy Pershing

Managing Binge Eating With Amy Pershing

Binge eating expert Amy Pershing will explore the origins of binge eating and explore anti-diet ways of managing it.

Amy Pershing Bio

Amy Pershing LMSW, ACSW is the Founder and creator of Hungerwise. She developed the program from more than 25 years of clinical experience working with binge eating and yo-yo dieting, and from her own personal experience with a lifelong struggle with food, her size, and body image. Amy is an internationally recognized speaker on ending yo-yo dieting, body image, and binge eating disorder. She has been featured on numerous radio, television and webinar programs, and has written extensively on body image and health.

Amy is the founder of “Bodywise™,” a comprehensive outpatient treatment program for binge eating disorder (BED). Amy is also a former Chair of the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) Board of Directors. She is currently the Vice President of The Center for Eating Disorders, and maintains a clinical practice in Ann Arbor.

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