Your Bodyography with Louise Adams

Your Bodyography with Louise Adams

Your Bodyography With Clinical Psychologist Louise Adams

This practical session will guide you through creating your own bodyography, an important document to help undo body hatred. Understanding the origins of body hatred and disembodiment is key to coming back home to your body. Louise will guide you through this process, allowing you make peace.


Louise Adams Bio

Louise Adams is a clinical psychologist, anti-diet advocate, author and podcaster from Sydney, Australia. Louise has 24 years of clinical experience working with people battling eating disorders and is a fierce advocate against weight bias, discrimination and stigma.She is the founder of UNTRAPPED and the host of the All Fired Up! podcast. Louise runs professional training workshops on the clinical application of the non-diet approach and fighting weight stigma, and has presented at numerous conferences. Louise has written two books. The Non-Diet Approach Guidebook for Psychologists and Counsellors (2014, co-authored with Dr Fiona Willer, AAPD) is a professional manual which guides psychologists and counsellors in the application of the non-diet approach. Her second book, Mindful Moments (2016) teaches people how to apply self-compassion based mindfulness techniques in their everyday lives.


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