As 2019 gallops towards the finish line, I’m bursting with news to share with you!

Back in September, I blogged about WW, who were using research published by the Fast Track team to justify their awful kiddie weight loss app. The Fast Trackers’ meta-analysis alleged that ‘expert led’ weight loss dieting in teens is safe and definitely doesn’t cause eating disorders, a particularly iffy claim, especially for anyone who:

a) has/had an eating disorder, or

b) works with people with eating disorders.

I was so mad about this that I wrote a Letter to the Editor of “Obesity Reviews”, discussing the numerous errors in the paper and questioning the Fast Trackers’ (once again) overly optimistic conclusions and guess what – it was published! I am so happy to know that the dodginess of this research – particularly the fact that so few of the included papers had long term data – has been exposed for other researchers to see. Maddeningly, the letter is behind a paywall (typical in this age of scientific elitism), so it’s not accessible unless you’re an academic or happy to pay to read it. But for an overview, it’s basically a 500 word version of my blog, which is of course 100% free!

Fast Track Smackdown Happy Dance

The Fast Trackers have written a response to my Letter, and spoiler alert – they’re not backing down! In my next blog I’ll write a detailed account of their comeback, but for now, I’m just going to bask in the bliss of knowing that they have been publicly challenged. It’s wonderful to see that even weight biased scientific journals are taking note of the serious shortcomings in paediatric “O” research.

More Fast Track news: a few months ago, the researchers took aim at my website As some of you might know, I created this site as an information hub for parents and teens who might be being targeted to participate in the trial. The official Fast Track website has no risk information, and of course no details about the extent of the protest against such a restrictive and prolonged semi starvation experiment. I, and many others, strongly believe that in order to give proper informed consent, this information needed to be out there!! I am extremely proud of this website, and grateful to the huge group of volunteers who contributed their time, complaints, and stories to it.

The Fast Track team had their lawyers send me a series of nasty letters, demanding that I immediately take the site down, AND hand over the domain name!! They also told me to ‘keep quiet’ about what they were doing.

It’s been a stressful few months, and a LOT has happened (which I plan to tell you all about in my next blog), but just so you know – the story has a happy ending. Yes – I WON the legal challenge!! I am happy to report that is MINE, and justice, the right to free speech and critical thinking has been upheld!

#Will Not be Silenced

2019 has been an epic year, and I am definitely looking forward to resting up over the holidays. There’s a lot to prepare for: 2020 is filling up fast! One event I am super excited about is our 2nd Annual UNTRAPPED Retreat, which is happening in the beautiful Hunter Valley from March 29-April 3rd. This immersive 5 day experience embraces the theme of EMBODIMENT. I have invited a team of artists and anti-diet health professionals to create a truly unique program. Each day has something different to offer, from playful movement with anti-diet personal trainer Shelley Lask, to ‘when intuitive eating is tricky’ with anti-diet dietitian Fiona Willer, to a body positive life drawing session where we create wearable art, to a fury-channelling session with a female empowerment martial arts expert!

​The incredible book project from Amy D Hermann

Retreaters will also have the opportunity to hang out, AND have a private photo session with world renowned photographer and creator of the “Underneath We Are Women” project, Amy D Hermann. Amy’s incredible diversity project saw her travel around the world, photographing over 120 women, capturing their unique essences, and breaking through internal and external barriers! I’m so honoured to have her joining us for the week – Amy is gentle, kind, and fabulous and absolutely body positive.

I could rave on for hours about this incredible retreat, but you can find out more here. Of course, the retreat is for UNTRAPPED members only, but read on – I have a fabulous offer for you!

From now until mid January 2020, we’re on sale! The UNTRAPPED Masterclass is now just AU$400, which is a huge bargain. AND, there’s more – standard UNTRAPPED membership comes with a monthly live Q & A session with me, but between January 18th – March 21st 2020, I’ll be doing WEEKLY live Q & A’s, running through the course material from start to finish! So you’ll not only score an absolute bargain on membership, you’ll also get live, weekly support from me as I guide you through the whole course! To make sure you get the special price, enter the code 2020SALE at the checkout. You can purchase UNTRAPPED here.

The intensive Q & A sessions will run weekly through until March 21, which is of course, just before our retreat starts. So, you can score your UNTRAPPED Masterclass membership at a rock bottom price, enjoy weekly live support from me in the Q & A’s, AND THEN come to the retreat to hang out with the community! How exciting is that!

Lastly, as 2019 screeches to a halt, I am opening up nominations for the All Fired Up Crappy Awards! As you might know, on the podcast at the end of each year I invite listeners to send in a short rant on the topic of “How diet culture pissed me off this year”. What really got up your nose in 2019? What made you want to hurl your laptop across the room in disgust? Basically, what got you all fired up? It might be a particularly awful lifestyle cleanse, a weight biased research study, or a really shitty media piece. Whatever it is, I want to hear it!

Send me a brief (3 minute max) audio of you ranting (introduce yourself, and then unleash your tirade) – and email it to me at I’ll put your collective outrage together in the January 2020 edition of the All Fired Up Crappy Awards show, and yes there’s a PRIZE for the best rant! Points are awarded for a) outrageousness of the topic and b) the quality of your ranty-ness. So, GO for it! Get it off your chest! (And yes, swearing is ok!). For inspiration, you can check out the hilarious and spirited rants from last years’ Crappy Awards. I can’t WAIT to hear from you!

I hope that you have the chance to take a break over the next few weeks, recharge, and most importantly, unplug. Diet culture is as usual turning up the pressure at this time of year, so make sure you keep your BS detector batteries charged!

Seasons Greetings & Remember
Winter is Coming for YOU, Diet Culture… 

If you are needing some extra help over the holiday season, I can help! In between my regular rest breaks, I’m available for online appointments – just a click away! If you’re a health professional I also love to do online supervision, and my books are open for 2020, so send me an email at and let’s get started!