Diet culture is in overdrive right now, with miracle weight-loss stories, invitations to join various ‘challenges,’ and blatantly stupid advice littering our social media feeds like ants at a picnic.

When we’re at such a saturation point when everyone in our social circles is on the diet bandwagon when pressure is ramped up by 1000%, even the most rational of us can start to feel like all of this focus on our bodies is normal.

It’s SO important to increase your self-care and self-protection against this onslaught. Look after your social media, and CULL anything that makes you feel either a) like shit, or b) more focused on your appearance.

In its place, make sure to follow, like, or read something from the anti-diet world. Surround yourself with people who are talking about pushing BACK against diet culture! Like our UNTRAPPED facebook page. Subscribe to the All Fired Up! Podcast. (We just released an awesome episode, the ‘2017 Crappy Awards’, where we unearthed the most irritating diet culture trends of 2017. It’s pure gold and laugh out loud funny). Follow our UNTRAPPED Instagram. Stay in connection with communities that will look after you and won’t try to shrink you, ever!

The more we are able to practice ‘pulling out’ of constant exposure to diet culture messaging, the better we become at seeing it all with a critical eye. And when we do that, we become critical of the culture, rather than continuing to feel critical about our own bodies. And that, my friends, is where freedom begins!