We all know that diet culture is full of shit, but in this week’s episode of All Fired Up the shit gets REAL. My guest is Jessica Campbell, nutritionist and medical intern, and she could not believe her eyes when she saw a documentary in which larger bodied teenage girls were being given pills full of thin people’s shit, in an effort to ‘cure them’ of their fatness. This documentary is part of a larger research trial currently running in New Zealand into faecal transplants. There is no doubt that research on the gut microbiome is fascinating stuff, but it’s also very much in its infancy. To put teens under such scrutiny and to take such a massive risk is just gobsmacking. We have no idea what the impact of eating other people’s shit will be. And does anyone care about weight stigma?? Don’t miss an incredible discussion about the ethics, impacts and implicit bias of making fat people eat shit.


Show Notes