Louise is by nature a mild mannered clinical psychologist, but her alter ego – a FIERCE and fearless anti-diet crusader – is taking over! Louise specialises in helping people recover from disordered eating, and she’s COMPLETELY OVER trying to help people when the culture we live in is utterly sick, toxic, and screwed up when it comes to food, exercise, health, and body size.

Louise cannot for a second longer take the rampant injustice of a society obsessed with thinness and health. She can’t STAND how fat people are being treated like second class citizens. She is LIVID about the way weight science is being sold to make a buck off human misery.

And she’s SO OVER the diet bulls**t that she’s shelved her own introversion and started a podcast!

So welcome to All Fired Up!, where Louise delves deeply into diet culture and blows it the hell up! Each week we’ll meet brave and fascinating anti-diet warriors who are also fighting for equality, justice, and freedom. Join us, and get All Fired Up! about building a better world!

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The EDIT Collaboration: Obesity Researchers Are Now Eating Disorder Experts

Hellbent on protecting their careers in eradicating fat people, a group of Australian obesity researchers have snaffled $600k in government funded research money for a global research ‘collaboration’ to ‘study’ how often their ineffective weight loss programs cause eating disorders. Join me and my absolutely appalled guest Chevese Turner as we unpack this extremely dark development in the eating disorder world. The weight loss industry must be PREVENTED from wreaking further havoc in people’s lives. Putting them in charge of studying eating disorder risk is like putting the gambling industry in charge of studying problem gambling. This episode will get your blood boiling!

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Celebrity Weight Loss Ambassadors

The sparkling fantasy world of the Celebrity Weight Loss Ambassador is unmasked in this episode of All Fired Up! Jenny Craig have a long list of victims, including Magda Suzbanski, Rebel Wilson, Scary Spice, Barry Humphries, Brendan Fevola & Casey Donovan. I’ve dug up the dirt and reveal the the grubby underbelly of these deals with the devil! Although Jenny Craig has gone under, dinosaur WW are still flogging their latest Celebrity, they paid radio presenter Jackie O $500k and she’s showing all the classic signs of diet-induced damage. The fact is, diets like this only work a little bit, in the short term, and then everyone regains the weight. There’s also the collateral damage of people developing outrageously disordered eating habits. But the industry’s determination to ‘blame the celebrity’ for their own dodgy product remains.

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A Walk Down Memory Lane With Jenny Craig Part 2

In Part 2 of our walk down memory lane with Janny Craig, we’re time warping back to the 1990’s, a period in which the weight loss industry’s chickens came home to roost. We’re talking class action lawsuits, scientific skewering and much needed industry wide regulation of its outrageous advertising claims. Ever wondered why all the weight loss ads have “results not typical” in tiny writing at the bottom of the screen? We have Jenny and her snake oil salesman cronies to thank for that. Don’t miss this schadenfreude-filled anti-diet episode!

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Weight Loss Drugs For Kids

The FDA have approved Novo Nordisk’s weight loss drugs, Saxenda and Wegovy, for use in teenagers. But how effective are they, and what are the potential consequences of normalising the use of injectable drugs for weight loss in kids as young as 12? Join Louise as she takes us through the Novo Nordisk funded clinical trials. Are these drugs really the magic pill they’re touted to be? Or are we taking unjustified risks in the name of fat eradication?

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Weight Loss Drugs Part 2: Saxenda and Wegovy

Part 2 of our series on weight loss drugs takes us deep into the inner workings of Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, who are hell bent on world domination of the lucrative “o*e$ity market”. For years, the entire field of medicine has been professionally fluffed by Novo’s “training programs” and media hype is next level. But who are Novo Nordisk, what are they selling, and can we trust them? Join me and my fierce and fabulous guests Ragen Chastain and Dr Fi Willer as we investigate the science behind the hype, and expose the truth behind their latest ‘blockbuster’ drugs, Saxenda and Wegovy. Do not miss!!!

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