Welcome to the All Fired Up Second Annual Crappy Awards! In this nail biting episode, we hear rants from people all over the world who are letting us know their thoughts on the sh*ttiest diet culture trend for 2018. Hilary Smith, social justice warrior, pole dancer AND winner of last years’ Inaugural Crappy awards, is here to judge the contestants, and my goodness it’s a stiff competition! Pour yourself a drink and get ready to be utterly gobsmacked by the utter diet culture bullsh*t delivered in 2018!


Show Notes

  • It’s time for the 2nd annual Crappy Awards show! Thank you to everybody who submitted their audio rants, we have a very high standard of entries this year! And it is fantastic to have applications from listeners as well as non-diet health professionals.
  • What was the worst, most irritating diet culture trend for 2018? I am joined by last year’s Crappy Award winner, Hilary Smith, who has kindly agreed to come on the show to judge this years entrants and crown the new winner!
  • Hilary will judge each nomination according to Creativity, Quality of the Argument, Passion, and Number of Swear Words.
  • Louise needed to have a little rant about her pet peeve for 2018, the f*cking intermittent fasting craze, with a special mention to Michael Mosely for expanding the spread of such bullsh*t. And to all of the health professionals and researchers pretending that this stupidity is the key to long lasting, effective weight loss, Louise says SCREW YOU!
  • Crappy Award Nominee #1, from New Zealand’s Tania Vincent from Thrive Nutrition: A horrific facebook ad for a fat shaming phone app, using cute little cartoon characters to sell calorie control.
  • Crappy Award Nominee #2, from listener Jade Pettersen: After having gastric surgery, it seems like your body becomes public property! And the support groups online are like breeding grounds for eating disorders!
  • Crappy Award Nominee #3, from listener Ava: Louise reads a heartfelt email about how the weight loss surgery business model is targeting vulnerable people. A good friend of Ava’s was encouraged to take out her superannuation to pay for the surgery, even though her friend has significant mental health issues. Ethics anyone?
  • Crappy Award Nominee #4, from Mind Body Well psychologist Janet Lowndes: The incredibly unethical “Fast Track to Health” trial being run here in Sydney and Melbourne, where adolescents are being  put on intermittent fasting diets for an entire year, in spite of the lack of efficacy for this type of diet. This is just a recipe for an eating disorder, and it is equally heart breaking and enraging that it’s allowed to proceed!
  • Crappy Award Nominee #5, from Heather Eisman all the way from Alaska!: The “Bright Lines Eating” program by Susan Peirce Thompson, a horrendous example of monetising the 12 step programs and increasing restrictive thinking in people who already have eating issues.
  • Crappy Award Nominee #6, from UNTRAPPED member Alyssa: Unsolicited health advice from thin people who think they are doctors.
  • Crappy Award Nominee #7, also from Alyssa: The Cookie Diet – almost no words!
  • Crappy Award Nominee #8, from Anna Hearn from Haven Wellness: The entire diet culture and its relentless toxicity, in particular this idea (incorrect) that we can all ‘choose’ our own body weight. Not supported by science!
  • Crappy Award Nominee #9, from Sona, member of Haven Wellness: Policing people who speak about HAES beyond the idea of body acceptance/body love.
  • Crappy Award Nominee #10, from Natalie Haider, psychologist and yoga instructor from Haven Wellness: Placing the pursuit of health on a pedestal while ignoring all of the other ways humans can be absolute shits to each other.
  • Crappy Award Nominee #11, from listener Mia in California: “WW” and the awful Mindy Grossman, planning to get WW into every home on the planet. Please bugger off Mindy.
  • The Second Annual Crappy Award Prize is a Bullshit Button!
  • The Crappy Award winner is Alyssa, nominee #6, for unsolicited health advice!
  • Unbelievably well delivered sarcasm means Alyssa wins, with 4 equally amazing ties for second place!

Resources Mentioned:

  • Hilary Smith’s award winning Crappy rant from last year’s show:
  • The incredibly fatphobic ad for the Huawei mobile phone calorie counter app, thank you to Tania Vincent from Thrive Nutrition for this entry!
  • Find out more about the amazing anti-diet psychologist Janet Lowndes
  • Find out more about Anna Hearn & Haven wellness here