Happy New Year! I have had a wonderful break from work for almost an entire month, and I’m really feeling refreshed and ready to take on 2019! I hope that you were able to rest, relax and restore as well.

I have all sorts of plans for this year, centred around themes of fighting for social justice in the area of body size and all of the intersections which impact on people’s lives. 2018 was tough. With the relentless climate of the ‘obesity epidemic’ rhetoric and increasing impingement of Obesity Inc into the world of psychology and health care, there’s so much injustice happening right now. But thanks to the strength and support of the anti-diet community, I have the capacity to keep aiming for change, and I am heartened every day because I know that I am not alone. Many health professionals and people in the anti-diet community are pushing back, and this is an exciting time to be involved!

So, I am starting off 2019 with a bang! I am excited to announce that in March, I will be hosting the very first UNTRAPPED retreat! It’s being held in a truly beautiful part of the world, the Gold Coast Hinterland, in breathtaking surrounds close to nature.

It’s not just me running the retreat. I have invited 8 wonderful anti-diet experts to come and run workshops and experiences designed to help you really learn how to bring the principles of UNTRAPPED to life.

Not to drop names, but this includes the wonderful Fiona Willer, dietitian from Health, Not Diets & Unpacking Weight Science, who will present on weight science and understanding the politics of feminism and HAES. We have Susan Williams, dietitian from Zest Nutrition, and Meg McClintock from Choose Nutrition. Susan and Meg are not only running workshops on intuitive eating, but they are also catering our whole retreat, and you’ll have the chance to hang out with them in the kitchen to pick up tips on bringing intuitive eating principles to life!

We also have Ashlee Bennett, the Body Image Therapist, and Janet Lowndes from Mind Body Well, who are presenting sessions on Embodiment and connecting with body acceptance. We have the incredible Shelley Lask from Body Positive Health & Fitness who will bring joyful movement to life. We have the fierce and fabulous Nicole McDermid, from The Embodied Journey, who will talk us through how to really live an UNTRAPPED life. AND we have Maya Rees. from Omillusion Yoga, here to help us start each day with lovely, gentle yoga practices. And me as well, talking on self-compassion and guiding your whole experience. What a line up, am I right!!

During this life changing 4 day adventure you can immerse yourself in the principles and practices of intuitive, connected embodiment, surrounded and supported by a very special group of anti-diet health professionals.

This retreat includes an incredible program of workshops and experiences for you. PLUS there’s plenty of down time for you to rest, sun bake by the pool, read books, enjoy our included spa treatments, book into the day spa for additional treatments, and get to know the other UNTRAPPED retreaters!

And if you’re not already a member of UNTRAPPED, I have a special offer for you. If you register for the retreat, you’ll also get the UNTRAPPED membership at a seriously reduced rate!

Click here for more information about the retreat schedule, accommodation and costs. Please know that this retreat is limited to small numbers, and there are just 5 spots left, so make sure you book quickly to avoid disappointment!

I hope to see you there!