This week on All Fired Up! We have DOUBLE the outrage, with 2 amazing guests! It’s an incredible story of how Katie Rowell, cross fitter and eating disorder survivor, became sucked into the dark underworld of gaslighting #Fitspo women who turned out to be much less concerned about her health and much more concerned about her ability to sell, sell, sell their crappy, expensive Juice Plus products! Seduced by the promise of “#no restriction,” Katie soon learned that their “gourmet Cleanse” was actually a one way ticket back into her eating disorder. It’s a harrowing story which needs to be heard. We then hear from Dr Tim Crowe, expert dietitian and sworn enemy of nutritional multi level marketing, who takes us through the slimy, devious, underhanded and frankly diabolical business practices of Juice Plus. This is a NOT to be missed episode!


Show Notes