Diet prison is a trap.

Body hatred. Body shame. Hiding.

Diet talk builds a prison in our minds.

Self blame. Obsession. Loathing.

Diet prison takes our power.


It is possible to wake up and see everything differently.

To de-program. To un-learn.

To resist. To reclaim your power.

To free yourself from the diet prison.

I get how important weight loss is to you right now.

And there are choices to be made.

The first being, are you ready to be free?



Hi, I’m Louise. I created UNTRAPPED because I’m tired of the relentless injustice of diet prison. From birth, we’re bombarded with messages that tell us to hate our bodies, to feel not good enough, to not trust ourselves. We’re told that thin people are the only ones that are worthy. That to be fat is the worst you can be. We are taught that our only value is our appearance.

Our food is policed, and we are taught to feel endlessly guilty about what we eat. The rules keep changing, ensuring our sense of constant confusion. Exercise becomes a moral imperative, a sentence of go-hard-or-go-home in the pursuit of getting or staying thin. Multi million dollar industries profit from our misery… and our repeat business.

Diet prison is the collection of tortured, desperate thoughts about your body, about needing to lose weight. It’s feeling totally obsessed with food, but not being able to be ‘good’ with it. It’s the guilt you get when you’ve eaten the wrong thing – again. It’s the feeling of being stuck in cycles of doing either too much, or none-at-all, exercise. Mostly you know you’re in diet prison when you hate your body. When you believe you’re not good enough. When you avoid doing things because of your body self-hatred. When you believe that happiness isn’t possible without losing weight.




It is within your power to break free of this crappy, hopeless goal.  To knock down it’s walls, brick by brick. To REFUSE to be a model prisoner.

To destroy it instead of you!



I know that deciding to stop dieting is a courageous decision. That learning to live freely isn’t easy. Unlearning rigid food and exercise rules and letting go of body hatred is a skill. As a clinical psychologist I love helping people tackle this, to learn new ways to live an empowered, meaningful and free life in a world that tries constantly to demean us and lock us up.

Too many vibrant lives have been consumed by the hellish revolving door of diet prison.



Only by seeing the prison constructed in our minds can we begin to dismantle it: UNTRAPPED grants you this clarity. This program is the bridge between body hatred and full embodiment; between restricting, food guilt, and bingeing to a relaxed and peaceful relationship with food; from exercise as punishment or payment to joyful, life-affirming movement. UNTRAPPED is a journey of deep and meaningful change.

In UNTRAPPED we delve deeply into the intricate chains keeping you attached to destructive patterns of relating to food, exercise, and your body. We teach you exactly how to get out for good; not to temporarily ‘escape,’ but to free yourself forever. UNTRAPPED guides you to live without restrictive dieting and diet-think, to enjoy intuitive and natural eating, to embrace meaningful and joyful movement, and to nurture a truly respectful and caring relationship with your body.

The methods you will learn through UNTRAPPED are based on my 20 years of clinical experience as a clinical psychologist, drawing from weight science research, psychology, and Health At Every Size (HAES®) philosophy. The UNTRAPPED program incorporates not only my own experience working with thousands of people, but the knowledge and experience of 12 other health professionals, each of whom are incredible leaders in the anti-dieting space. UNTRAPPED is a truly unique program. No other online space offers you such a wide variety of specialist expertise. You won’t find this incredible depth of anti-diet knowledge anywhere else! And we’re all busting to work with you!

During this transformative 3-months you’ll be taught, guided, and held by this amazing community of anti-diet experts, and connected to other people undertaking their UNTRAPPED process.


Dr. Linda Bacon

Dr. Linda Bacon

Our Special Guest Instructor: Thought Leader, Speaker, Researcher and Author of Health at Every Size

Susan Williams

Susan Williams

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Shelly Lask

Shelly Lask

Personal Trainer

Sarah Harry

Sarah Harry

Psychotherapist, Fat Activist & Yoga Teacher

Meg McClintock

Meg McClintock

Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Kerry Beake

Kerry Beake

Nutritionist, Coach & Speaker

Jodie Mechielsen

Jodie Mechielsen

Exercise Physiologist

Janet Lowndes

Janet Lowndes


Zoe Nicholson & Jodie Arnot

Zoe Nicholson & Jodie Arnot

Accredited Practising Dietitian / Fitness Trainer

Fiona Willer

Fiona Willer

Accredited Practicing Dietitian & UNTRAPPED Research Coordinator

Fiona Sutherland

Fiona Sutherland

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Louise Adams

Louise Adams

Clinical Psychologist & Uber-Guide

The UNTRAPPED masterclass runs for 3 consecutive months. Each week is devoted to a deep exploration of a different topic, with different experts guiding the way throughout. We will start with your relationship with food, then focus on your relationship with exercise, and then we move into your relationship with your body. After this, we delve into the wider issue of ‘healthy living’ and what this will look like for you.

Each week you’ll receive a series of emails containing the information about the topic at hand. Your training materials include written information, in-depth video interviews, written work, reflective exercises and fun challenges to deepen your understanding and change process.

Live Q&A sessions with Louise happen every 4 weeks, and you have daily access to your private online UNTRAPPED community via our private Facebook group, so that you can connect with others experiencing the UNTRAPPED process – and chat with Louise! – on a regular basis.




Sundays are for self-compassion training. Self-compassion literally teaches you to become your own best friend. This is a foundational skill in becoming UNTRAPPED, as so many of us are dominated by a nasty internal ‘prison guard.’ Permanent, positive change cannot come from a place of self-hatred; real change blossoms from self-compassion. So every Sunday, you’ll receive an email with a self-compassion training module relevant to that weeks’ topic.



You’ll receive comprehensive written content on the topic of the week, written by our experts, to read at your leisure.



You’ll receive a video interview with Louise and the expert of the week, discussing the topic in more depth.



You’ll receive an invitation to delve deeper into the personal meaning of the week’s topic with guided worksheets. We gift you with a downloadable UNTRAPPED journal page which you can print out or store on your device, so by the end of your 3 months you’ll have a completed, personalized UNTRAPPED workbook.



Thursdays are your call to action!  You’ll be dared to do something to make the week’s topic come to life. These activities really cement the changes you’re making – and they’re a hell of a lot of fun at the same time!



Monthly Q&A sessions with Louise are held on Fridays. This is your chance to discuss how you’re doing, ask questions, raise discussions and delve deeper into the burning issues. All of our Q&A’s are recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t make a session, you’ll always be able to access it.


Topic: Waking up: seeing the prison, recognizing your inner prison guard, and starting your rebellion.

Expert of the week: Dr Linda Bacon

Week 2

Topic: Food Freedom Part 1: The basics of intuitive eating: mindfulness, curiosity, and cultivating a non-judgemental attitude. Getting to know your hunger. Giving yourself permission to eat all foods.

Expert of the week: Fiona Sutherland from Body Positive Australia


Topic: Food Freedom Part 2: Putting intuitive eating into practice. Getting to know fullness, appreciating joy and pleasure. Gentle, non-diet nutrition.

Expert of the week: Susan Williams from Zest Nutrition


Topic: Finding Food Freedom Part 3: Exploring emotional eating and learning to look after your feelings. Understanding eating when you’re not hungry.

Expert of the week: Janet Lowndes from Mind Body Well


Rest week – time for you to pause, reflect, and let everything sink in.


Topic: Exercise Freedom Part 1: Fighting your way out of the ‘go hard or go home’ mentality and discovering joyful movement.

Expert of the week: Jodie Meichelsen from A Healthy Paradigm


Topic: Exercise Freedom Part 2: Embodying joyful movement: The art of being in your body, in the moment, and having a great time.

Expert of the week: Shelley Lask from Body Positive Health & Fitness


Topic: Body Freedom Part 1: Recognizing and deconstructing the body prison.

Expert of the week: Jodie Arnot & Zoe Nicholson from The Moderation Movement


Topic: Body Freedom Part 2: Becoming embodied.

Expert of the week: Sarah Harry from Fat Yoga Australia


Rest week – time for you to pause, reflect, and let everything sink in a little deeper.


Topic: Staying Free: Connection, community, and social justice: expansion, equality, and standing strong.

Expert of the week: Kerry Beake from HAES Health


Topic: Using all the “F” words: fierce, free living, fearless, fabulous, fat, feminist – and not apologizing anymore. This week you will craft your UNTRAPPED Manifesto!

Expert of the week: Louise Adams


Free bonus module on bringing intuitive eating into the family home. How to instill mindful eating skills in your kids with Meg McClintock, APD from Choose Nutrition.

An amazing dance video by Carly from Danceflowlife, created to encourage you to dance, get into your body, loosen things up and embrace the flow!

Once you finish UNTRAPPED, you’ll always enjoy lifetime access to the program material. You’re also welcome to join in our monthly Q&A sessions with Louise, and you’ll always be a part of our Facebook group community. We’ll be bringing you retreats, workshops, and other events, and UNTRAPPED members will qualify for a discounted price on all of these.


You’ve hit diet rock bottom. You’re tired of the drudgery of body hatred and can’t muster the energy for yet another detox, ‘lifestyle change,’ or diet. But you can’t seem to find any sense of peace, or consistent self-care, and the weight loss industry keeps telling you that the latest diet is the answer. You’re confused, and looking for a way out, feeling like no other option really exists.

You’re haunted by constant thoughts of food. It’s so tiring planning to be ‘good’ on Monday, and then being ‘bad’ all weekend, eating until you’re stuffed, bloated, and still unsatisfied. You’re tired of eating in secret, of hiding the wrappers. You’re sick of feeling out of control around food.

You’re over pretending that everything is okay, when all day every day you hate your body. You can’t stand to look at photos of yourself, too upset with your size to appreciate all of those never-to-be-repeated moments with loved ones. You’re tired of not buying the clothes you want, of not doing the things you want to do, because ‘the weight is holding you back.’

And man, you’re frustrated! You’re so mad at yourself for not being able to accomplish the thing that you want most! Because you know that to value weight loss above everything else in this world is insane! Because you know you’re a smart person. You know there’s a lot you’re capable of doing in this life. But this body and food thing eludes you, and over and over again it makes you feel like you aren’t ‘enough’ at everything else as well.

You’ve been on the diet merry-go-round enough times to know that it’s never going to deliver on its promises, and you’re wondering just what the hell to do differently. You might have even tried ‘not dieting’ but had no idea what direction to go in or how to guide yourself, and instead found only an everlasting binge, a habit of overeating, and overwhelming feelings of sadness and dissatisfaction. You’re starting to see the enormity of the trap you’re in.



Exhale, and let me repeat that.

I know what you want – you want peace. To make peace with food, to be able to stop the ‘driven,’ urgent, habitual eating and replace it with genuine enjoyment, satisfaction, and relaxation. You want to like your body and to feel like it’s yours again; to not be tortured with this constant negative narrative.


This is not your fault. This is diet culture, and it saturates our lives. We didn’t get a choice in being taught this.

But it’s not working. Peace like this will never be found through pursuing weight loss.

Rather than continuing trying to be a model prisoner, UNTRAPPED will teach you to knock down the walls of this damn prison, let you walk free, and claim peace as your birthright!

It’s time to rebel – not against yourself (that isn’t working, right?) – but against the messages that keep you from being the fierce, fearless, fabulous creature that you know you are.

You have been sold an enormous injustice. You have been locked up without a trial. And it’s time to start resisting. To wake up, to see what’s been going on, and to find yourself again.

You are an intelligent, incredible person.

You CAN learn to make peace with food.

You CAN learn to take fantastic care of yourself with physical activity.

You CAN learn to appreciate and respect your body.

You CAN live freely, outside the diet prison walls.

And it’s high time you gave yourself this gift of freedom.

It’s enormously difficult to do this alone. In my own process of diet prison emancipation, I was held and guided by an incredible community of anti-diet health professionals, many of whom are my closest friends as well as colleagues. In UNTRAPPED, I bring that community straight to you, and we’re going to build on it and build on it until it’s bigger than diet culture itself.

Join us and realize that you are not alone, and you’ll never be alone.

Know that right now, it’s time to embrace this revolutionary change wholeheartedly.


Expect to change deeply.

Expect to have your thinking challenged on every level.

Expect to be shaken up; to be woken up; to be truly inspired.

Expect to discover, through your own experience, that you really can trust your body to know when, what, and how much to eat – without any diet rules. Expect food to become a source of calm, joy, playfulness, and curiosity, rather than one of obsession and guilt.

Expect to reclaim your relationship with moving your body. Expect to be surprised by how good being physical can feel. Expect motivating yourself to move effortlessly, because you WANT these feelings in your life, rather than pushing yourself to do harsh exercise regimes in the endless pursuit of weight loss.

Expect to make up with your body. Expect to stop the cold war against your physical home, and to embody it instead. Expect to be surprised by how much love you can feel for your body.

Expect to make friends with yourself, and to turn your frustration outwards, to the toxic diet culture we all live in. Expect to start fighting for a better world, for a better deal for our children. Expect to become a critical thinker, no longer vulnerable to the weight loss wolves. Expect to have incredible amounts of mental energy, as the constant drain of weight loss focus is removed.


Expect to discover a community of like-minded professionals and people like you, growing and banding together to UNTRAP the world.

Expect to never feel alone in this again.

“The only way to describe it is by saying that I feel as though a curse has been lifted off me… the program has enabled me to truly take control of my life whilst regaining a sense of ultimate freedom… Thank you!”

Jess, 32.

“With a long history of anorexia and then binge eating it was not until using the ‘no dieting’ approach that my eating habits actually started to stabilize, my food obsession weakened, and I slowly started to get my life back.”

Alison, 39

“I am living proof that this method works. The simple but effective strategies taught and the support I received on my journey of recovery were faultless and on many an occasion saved my sanity if not my life.”

Melanie, 49

“I will always remember the day that my life changed: it was the day I realized I was absolutely perfect, my body was made perfectly, there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. Once I knew that, I was able to take on the challenge of eating intuitively.”

Jenny, 25

“I will never go on another diet because I now know I don’t need to…I can truly enjoy food and not be consumed with guilt, remorse and absurd plans with how to lose those kilos.The program has given me my life back and I am so grateful.”

Gloria, 48

“I found myself eating more or less what I wanted but in a different way, being more mindful of whether I actually felt like eating certain things, and reducing quantities.”

Chris, 40

“I now understand my emotional drivers and most importantly I have the tools, such as mindfulness, to use when tempted, have negative thoughts, or find myself slipping back into bad habits.”

Barbara, 48




Over the last 20 years I have helped thousands of people UNTRAP from diet prison and find lasting freedom, and I absolutely love doing it. My desire is to reach more people than I ever could in one-on-one consultations, and this is just what an online program allows me to do!

Your investment for the 3-month UNTRAPPED program is just $570 AUD.


To see me individually for 10 sessions would cost well over $2,000. To see the 12 other incredible health professionals would also represent a significant financial investment. The material in UNTRAPPED is cutting edge, it is incredibly comprehensive, and it also includes live Q&A sessions with me, making this much more than your average automated, one-size-fits-all online program. I will also be with you on a daily basis in the Facebook group, there to support you on this amazing adventure.

This is an investment in yourself and in your peace of mind.

This will be the investment that will give you back your life.



Is this a weight loss program?

UNTRAPPED is not a diet. In the long term, dieting is a spectacular waste of time for everyone except statistical unicorns. It is so difficult to know how to look after yourself in a way that gives you the best health you can achieve, without dieting. UNTRAPPED is a cure for dieting, which teaches you proven behavioural, emotional and psychological strategies to look after your body and your mind. The program is all about learning to look after yourself, regardless of what you weigh, and to keep looking after yourself through thick or thin.

When does UNTRAPPED start?

Once you sign up, you’ll be sent an email with all login details. You’ll then enjoy instant access to the first week of the UNTRAPPED Masterclass content, which you can then enjoy at your own pace. We recommend that you access your first UNTRAPPED lesson on a Sunday, as we have designed the session content to be read and viewed a little at a time, starting on a Sunday. Every week, you’ll be sent a fresh week’s worth of UNTRAPPED content.

With UNTRAPPED, you can join us at anytime – no need to wait until an entire group is starting. UNTRAPPED is a self-directed program that begins when you are ready!

As soon as you sign up, you’re part of our community, and you can attend the monthly Q&A sessions with Louise – even if you haven’t officially ‘started’ the program materials or begun to receive your emails.

What happens after I finish the program?

Once you have completed the full 3 months of program materials, you’ll be considered a lifelong UNTRAPPED community member, which means you will always have access to our Facebook community and, if any of our modules are updated in the future, or if more information is added, you’ll be given access to this update free of charge.

All UNTRAPPED community members are entitled to discounted rates on workshops, retreats, and UNTRAPPED events.

I have an eating disorder. Is UNTRAPPED right for me?

UNTRAPPED is a comprehensive program to help people find food and body peace. Many of the principles have been drawn from my experience working with people with eating disorders. If you have had treatment for an eating disorder in the past or if you are in genuine, stable recovery, then UNTRAPPED will give you additional support to help.

UNTRAPPED is not recommended if you have never had treatment for your eating disorder, or if your disorder is active. Nothing can replace intensive therapy for an eating disorder. Please consult your current treatment team or provider if you are unsure of whether or not this program is right for you, or email us at

If you are Australian, and needing help with treatment for an eating disorder, many of our UNTRAPPED experts provide this service – check out our “your guides” section for more information.




Become an UNTRAPPED Affiliate

The UNTRAPPED Affiliate program offers a select group of health professionals the opportunity to become part of an amazing community who are working to change the world.

Are you a health professional who specializes in the Health At Every Size, anti-diet approach? Are you 100% UNTRAPPED from the weight-focused industry?

Do you love what you do, and desire to do more?

Would you like to offer your clients a high quality, comprehensive training program -alongside your work with them – to complement and deepen their change process?

Then join us as an affiliate of the UNTRAPPED program!

Who is This For?

You might be a body positive personal trainer, super excited about what you do, but feeling a little ‘out of your depth’ with some of your client conversations about their body image struggles or relationship with food.

You might be a non-diet dietitian/nutritionist, feeling okay about helping people with their relationship with food, but sometimes shaky around talking about body image, exercise, or weight stigma.

You might be a psychologist or counselor, completely capable with issues of body image, but less confident with food and exercise topics.

As health professionals it’s hard to be well-versed and fully steeped in everything. And this is where UNTRAPPED comes in. UNTRAPPED is the world’s most comprehensive online anti-diet program. Featuring expert input from recognized size-friendly leaders in multiple health professions, you can be confident that your client will be getting the very best, most comprehensive, help available.

Sending your client to UNTRAPPED does not replace the work you’re doing with them – it enhances it. UNTRAPPED offers resources beyond books or videos – it’s a real, vibrant community of anti-diet individuals. Sending your client to UNTRAPPED will supercharge their change process, and demonstrably deepen your connection with them and the impact of your work together.

How It Works

If you are selected as an UNTRAPPED affiliate, any time a client of yours signs up to the program you’ll receive a generous payment. The more clients you sign up, the more payments you can collect. More importantly, you are contributing to growing the UNTRAPPED community. You’re offering your clients access to the most highly skilled and recognized experts in the anti-diet world. You’re making the world a better place!

Find Out More

To enquire about becoming an UNTRAPPED affiliate, please email us at Please be aware that we are very careful about our selection criteria, and only health professionals who work from a genuinely anti-diet, weight-neutral perspective will be considered.


Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about UNTRAPPED.